Are You Opening Up A Rural Vacation Rental? 4 Things To Know About Managing Septic System Inspections And Pumping Services

People tend to visit short-term vacation rentals in rural areas out of the desire to spend time in a relaxing environment that is different from where they live at home. But, your efforts to generate more income while giving people a beautiful place to stay can backfire if it turns into problems with the septic system. Fortunately, keeping everything running smoothly isn't difficult when you know how to partner with a septic system maintenance company to prevent problems with regular inspections and pumping services. 

Educate Your Tenants On Septic System Care

The delicate ecosystem that develops in septic tanks is critical for the efficient breakdown of waste matter. A large part of preventing backups and other issues is making sure that only human waste and septic-safe toilet paper go down the drains. Make sure to include instructions on how to use the septic system properly in your guest manual. You may also want to include the warning signs of septic system failure along with the right number to call when an emergency arises for prompt service.

Share the Vacation Rental's Status With Your Technician

The current plan that you have for septic system inspections and pumping may need revision now that more people are staying in your home. This is especially true if you anticipate that guests will use all of the rooms when you might have only been using a few. Telling your septic system maintenance company that you anticipate a higher demand on the system helps them identify if you need to make changes in your current inspection and pumping plan.

Stay On Top of the Recommended Inspections

Septic system inspections should be done around every one to three years, which you can expect to be on the more frequent end of this estimate when your house is occupied by more people year-round. Arranging for inspections during the less busy season can allow you to avoid disruptions in the rental calendar. Scheduling your inspection well in advance of the anticipated date makes it easier to work around the times your home is occupied by renters.

Consider Planning for More Frequent Pumping Services

The average family home's system needs to be pumped every three to five years, but you could find that you need to call for a septic tank pumping service much more often. Large rentals that house multiple guests on a regular basis may need the tank pumped annually, or even more frequently. Many rental property owners find that arranging for a pumping and inspection service before and after the main tourism season helps keep the system in good condition throughout the year.

Contact a local company that offers septic tank inspections to learn more.