3 Reasons To Increase Your ADA Toilet Availability

If you're planning an outdoor event, you need to account for the basic needs of your guests. While portable restrooms may not be the most pleasant topic, they're necessary for any well-run event. More importantly, renting enough portable restrooms will ensure a comfortable and hygienic experience for everyone. 

However, standard restrooms won't be suitable for all guests. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires that 5% of your restrooms conform to ADA standards. These restrooms are typically larger than standard portable toilets and may cost more to rent. Still, you should consider these three reasons to rent more ADA toilets for your event than the minimum required by law.

1. Better Inclusivity

When planning for your event, it's important to remember that ADA restrooms are more than just a legal requirement. These larger restrooms meet specific guidelines to ensure they are accessible to guests with a variety of disabilities. As a result, their presence ensures that your event will provide access to hygienic facilities for anyone attending.

While the legal requirements ensure that some facilities exist, they don't necessarily guarantee equitable access, especially if you have a relatively small number of restrooms. For example, with twenty total restrooms, your event would only need one ADA unit. Adding more units improves inclusivity by ensuring guests who need these rooms don't face long lines or other inconveniences.

2. Easier Access

Guests who require ADA-compliant restrooms are more likely to have mobility issues that may make traveling longer distances challenging or uncomfortable. The relatively small number of ADA units required means that you may need to place these units in one central location, along with the rest of your standard portable toilets.

However, renting additional ADA units can allow you to spread them out more effectively through your event. Placing ADA-compliant units in multiple locations makes reaching them easier for guests who may have trouble traveling to the other side of a park or large venue. Placing these restrooms in multiple locations can also help to reduce long lines.

3. More Flexibility

The minimum standards created by the ADA assume a certain proportion of guests at any given event or location will need more accessible restrooms. However, these minimums leave little flexibility. If a greater number of guests than expected show up with special access requirements, the minimum number of ADA-compliant restrooms may be insufficient.

Renting more restrooms provides added flexibility, ensuring your event can handle unexpected circumstances. This added flexibility can help relieve some stress while your event is running and help ensure none of your guests will face unnecessary discomfort.

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