Renting Porta Potties For Your Road Race: 3 Tips

If you are organizing a road race, whether a 5k, half marathon, or any other distance, one of the items on your planning list is likely to rent porta potties. Many of the runners will want to use the porta potties before the race starts. Your spectators will also need these facilities. As silly as it may seem, a bad porta potty setup can make or break a local race experience. So, here are some tips to follow when renting and setting up porta potties for your road race.

Go with gender-neutral, when possible.

If the porta potty rental company you are renting from offers gender-neutral or all-gender porta potties, this is what you want to rent. It is much easier to set up all of the porta potties together than to try and designate which ones are for males and which ones are for females. Having all-gender porta potties will save runners from having to ask each other "is this the men's line," which will be much appreciated on a busy race morning. You may also have some non-binary or gender-queer people participating in your race, and offering all-gender bathrooms is accommodating to their needs, too.

Put the porta potties within hearing distance of the start line.

Put at least a large portion of the porta potties close enough to the start line that anyone in line is able to hear the announcements made by race officials. This way, people can keep track of how long there is until the start while they are waiting in line for the porta potties. Runners who are waiting won't miss any official announcements, either.

Have separate porta potties for spectators.

Runners who are in a rush to use the porta potties and get to the starting line may not appreciate spectators, who are not in the same rush, slowing things down for them. So, it's often wise to designate a couple of porta potties in a separate area for spectators only. Label them clearly. Also, label your main porta potty area as being "for runners only." After the race begins, you can take down the "for runners only" signage and open the porta potties up for all.

With the tips above, you will do a better and more effective job of renting and organizing porta potties for a road race. After the race, survey the runners to see what they thought. They may have some recommendations for next year.

To learn more, contact a portable restroom rental service in your area.