You Need A Plumber For Clogged Drain Cleaning When Your Shower Drain Is Backed Up

If your shower drain is suddenly slow to empty, you may have a hair clog that needs to be cleaned out. It's no fun to have water puddle up around your feet when you shower, so you'll want a fast solution. There are things you can try yourself to get the drain open, but you might need to call a plumber for clogged drain cleaning. Here are ways to deal with a clogged shower drain.

Try To Pull Out The Hair Clog 

Untwist a wire coat hanger and bend the end over to make a hook that snags hairs, and then poke the wire down the drain. You might be able to do this without taking the drain cover off. Move the wire around to snag the hair. Keep pulling up on the wire to see if you can pull hair out.

If that doesn't work, you may need to pry the drain cover off with a screwdriver. That gives you more room to stick your fingers in the drain to feel around for a hair clog. If you can feel it, try to grab the clog and pull it out. Hair clogs often get caught near the top of the drain so they can be pulled out. If the clog is deeper, you may need a plumber to use a drain snake.

Snake Out The Drain

A snake is a long coiled wire tube the plumber passes into the drain. The coil is good for snagging a hair clog so it can be pulled out. The snake can sometimes cut through the hair so the clog flushes on through. It's important for the plumber to snake the drain thoroughly or part of the hair clog may be left behind. When that happens, the drain can clog back up again before too long.

Wash The Drain With A Hydro Jet

If your shower drain has a tough clog, the plumber might opt to use a hydro jet rather than a snake. If you've been having trouble with a clog that keeps coming back, the plumber might use a hydro jet to make sure the clog is eliminated completely.

Using a water jet for clogged drain cleaning involves passing a small hose down the drain. The end of the hose has a nozzle that makes the water come out under high pressure. The water sprays in all directions inside the shower drain so the walls of the pipe are scrubbed clean.

In addition to getting rid of all the hair, the hydro jet can also get rid of soap scum and other debris clinging to the side of the pipe. The pipe should be clean inside so it will take a long time for another clog to develop as long as you're careful about what goes down the drain. You may want to add a hair screen to the drain so hair stays out of it in the future.

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