Septic Mistakes That Could Compromise Your System

A number of serious problems can arise due to individuals making mistakes with caring for their septic system. These mistakes can often be easy to overlook, but they can gradually cause the performance of the septic system to degrade until it suffers a major failure.

Mistake: Not Using Septic-Safe Products

Whenever you are buying toilet products, you should make sure that you are choosing options that are designed for use with septic systems. These products will typically be designed so that they will degrade and decompose very quickly once they enter the septic tank. This can reduce the likelihood of them being able to cause a clog to form while also reducing the rate at which solid materials will gather in the tank.

Mistake: Failing To Pump The Septic Tank

Going too long without pumping the septic tank can be another mistake that will be easy for a person to neglect because they may only think about this work when the septic tank is starting to show signs of performance issues. By the time the tank is showing these problems, secondary issues may have developed due to the tank going too long without being pumped. As a result, the tank may need additional repairs after it has been pumped. In order to avoid these issues, you may want to use a septic tank pumping service that will provide reminders a few years after servicing your tank because this can help to remind you when it is time to have this preventative maintenance done to the tank.

Mistake: Letting Large Bushes Grow Near The Drainfield

The drainfield can be one of the portions of the septic system that might be the most vulnerable to suffering problems and damages. In particular, it can be common for these drain lines to become clogged due to roots from nearby plants growing into the lines. Unfortunately, this could create severe clogs that might be very difficult to remove from the system without digging up large sections of the drainfield. In particular, bushes can be a common source of these issues because the roots of these plants can grow fairly quickly while still being strong enough to be able to force their way into the small openings that will be found in the pipes in the drainfield. Eventually, enough of the roots will grow into the pipe to stop water from flowing through it, which can prevent the septic tank from being able to effectively empty its contents.

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