4 Easy-To-Overlook Portable Toilet Placement Tips

If you're renting portable toilets for an event, two decisions will always bubble to the top of your priority list: how many toilets to rent and where to put them. For the former, it's easy to find detailed advice that can lead to an objective answer. Unfortunately, the latter question is more subjective and will vary substantially from event to event.

Of course, that doesn't mean you're entirely on your own. There are plenty of best practices to follow that can help guide you to the best possible placement for your event's portable toilets. Keep reading for four crucial portable toilet placement tips that might be easy to overlook when dealing with the many challenges of planning a large event.

1. Utilize Shade  

If you're renting standard or deluxe portable toilet closets, you'll need to remember that these spaces can be relatively tight. Modern portable toilets utilize passive ventilation to help control temperatures, but they can still become warm on hot days. Placing your units in the shade can help minimize heat loading on the units and keep your guests more comfortable.

Shady placement is also helpful if you expect your guests to queue for the toilets. Nobody likes standing under a searing sun, so a shaded area where you expect the line to form can greatly improve comfort.

2. Focus on Visibility

Portable toilets aren't known for their aesthetics (although upgraded models can be attractive), but that doesn't mean you should try to hide them. On the contrary, keeping your toilets in a visible, well-lit area is important. Better visibility will make it easier for your guests to find them. If in doubt, use signage to help guide guests in the right direction.

3. Don't Ignore Security

Security around portable toilets is an essential topic that many planners don't consider. You'll need to consider both the units' security and the safety of your guests. Fortunately, this topic goes hand-in-hand with visibility. Keeping your portable toilets close to the main event area will protect them from vandalism while also making your guests more comfortable using them.

4. Ask the Experts

Toilet rental companies know their stuff, and asking the experts is always a good idea if you want the best possible advice. Your rental company can help advise you on the best locations for your portable units and help you spot any potential pitfalls you may have missed. They'll also be able to provide advice on accessibility for delivery, pickup, and maintenance, potentially saving you some money.

While portable toilets are unlikely to be a centerpiece for your event, they're still an important component for the comfort of your guests. Taking the time to place them in a careful and considerate way will improve the overall experience for all of your visitors.

Talk to a portable toilet rental business to get more advice.