5 Important Plumbing Maintenance Services

It is straightforward to forget about your plumbing as long as all of your drains are working properly and you are getting the water you need in your home. However, even though your plumbing system largely works behind the scenes doesn't mean that there aren't plumbing issues that can be addressed. 

Pump the Septic Tank

You need to pump the septic tank every few years if you have a septic system. Pumping the septic tank allows you to remove the build-up that doesn't break down naturally inside of your tank. This also ensures that your tank never overflows, which can be a nightmare to have to deal with cleaning up. Regular septic tank pumping is a worthwhile investment.

Yearly Septic Tank Inspection

Your septic system may be largely hidden from sight, but it relies on many different parts to operate correctly. A yearly septic tank inspection is a quick but necessary process that ensures that everything is working correctly. If any issues are identified with your septic tanks, such as a part that is starting to wear out, or a clog in the system, it can be addressed before it becomes a real issue. 

Leaking Taps

If you have a leaking tap in your house, it may not seem big. However, that little bit of water can actually add up to a lot of wasted water as it drips hour after hour, day after day. A leaking tap can also put unnecessary stress on your septic or sewer system, constantly sending water its way. A plumber can easily and quickly figure out why your tap is leaking and fix the issue. More than likely, a small part inside your tap needs to be replaced.

Clean Drains

If your drains are not draining as quickly as they should, have a plumber come and clean them. They will use high pressured water to get rid of all the build-up inside of your drains that can slow down your plumbing system and damage your pipes over time.  

Toilet Leaks

Like a leaking faucet, it can be easy to ignore a toilet leak. However, a toilet leak can send gallons of water into your sewer or septic system that don't need to go there and can consume a lot of water. There are various reasons why your toilet may be leaking. The flapper may not be working, or the stopper may not be working. A plumber will figure out what part isn't working and fix it so you stop wasting water.

A plumber can take care of many minor issues and maintenance tasks with your plumbing system and ensure that everything is flowing smoothly. Call a local plumber from a company like Curry Plumbing, Septic & Sewer and see if they can come out to your home and inspect it today.