How To Find Portable Restroom Service Trucks For Sale

If you are interested in finding a portable restroom service truck to buy, then you may be wondering where to find them for sale. These vacuum trucks can be difficult to find as a non-commercial buyer, but you can typically buy them from the manufacturer's, from independent portable restroom service businesses, and occasionally on secondhand sites.

Straight From The Source

Portable restroom service trucks are made by a variety of different manufacturers, including (but not limited to) Amthor International, KeeVac Industries, Progress Tank, and other companies. You can also look at the manufacturer labels on septic trucks you see in your area for ideas as to which ones may be closer to your area. These companies make a variety of equipment for septic services that include trucks that you can buy, typically geared towards those that want to start their own septic service company. If you are looking for a vacuum truck that is (typically) brand-new from any company you can find, then this option may be best for you.

Independent Contractors

Another great way to find portable restroom service trucks that you might be able to buy is through the small companies and independent contractors that run their own septic services. While not every independent contractor will be selling their trucks, asking may allow you to find those that are. Sometimes, small businesses and independent contractors find that they no longer have any use for their large equipment, but struggle with finding buyers in a vehicle market dominated by non-commercial assets such as sedans and motorcycles.

Other Online Alternatives

Finally, as a buyer of portable restroom service trucks, your absolute last line of the resort is to try to find a used secondhand septic service truck online or in other secondhand markets. While you probably won't find an entire septic service truck on Craigslist, there are tools available to help you find these sorts of assets that are otherwise impossible to find. You can set search engines so that they alert you when certain keywords are posted, and you may be able to find more of the results you want with different search engines. Additionally, you may find it helpful to check forums meant for portable restroom service people and ask their advice.

It can be harder to find large equipment, such as vacuum trucks for septic services, for sale, but there are ways to find them. You can buy directly from the manufacturer, ask independent contractors and small businesses if they're selling their trucks, and try to find secondhand septic trucks online. Contact someone in your area to see if they have a portable restroom service truck for sale.