Trenchless Sewer Line Repair Might Be The Right Solution For A Sewer Leak Under A Slab

A cracked sewer line is always a major problem because toxic waste leaks out and contaminates the soil in your yard. However, when the damaged line is under the slab of your house, the situation is even more serious. A bad pipe in the yard can always be dug up if necessary, but digging up the foundation of your home is disruptive and expensive. A possible alternative is to have trenchless repairs done so the slab of your home isn't disturbed. Here's what to expect.

Clean The Line First If Necessary

The plumber may start by cleaning the sewer pipe with a hydro jet to get rid of roots and debris so the inside of the pipe can be visualized with a pipe camera. If cleaning isn't necessary, then a camera inspection may be done first.

The video camera allows the plumber to see inside the pipe so the area of damage can be pinpointed. This lets the plumber know if the crack is under the slab or in the yard so the best method for repairing the damaged line can be undertaken.

Choose The Right Method For Repairs

Even if the crack is under the concrete slab, it may be necessary to bust up the concrete and dig up the pipe in some situations. Other times, it may be possible to line the pipe or pull a new pipe through without having to dig up the old one. Trenchless repairs are far less destructive to your property, and they may be less expensive too.

Make Permanent Trenchless Repairs

Trenchless sewer line repair is similar to the same repairs you get by digging up the old pipe. A new pipe is in place and should last for decades. The only difference is the old pipe doesn't have to be dug up first. If the plumber chooses to put in a liner, a collapsed liner is pulled through the pipe and inflated so it forms a new pipe once it's had time to harden.

If a liner isn't suitable, the plumber can pull a new pipe through the old one that breaks the old pipe apart as it is pulled through the ground. In both cases, you'll have a seamless new pipe that lasts a long time and has a lower risk of leaking since there are no seams or joints.

These trenchless methods require access at both ends of the pipe, but no extensive digging is needed. This allows the plumber to install a new pipe under the slab of your house, the driveway, a garage, or a shed without having to disrupt the buildings or concrete slabs on your property.

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