3 Tips For Portable Restrom Rental Services

If you have kids, you know just how much of a wrench their bathroom needs can throw into your plans. It makes road trips take longer, and you have to go through 21 questions to be sure that they've gone enough before you run errands. Don't think for a second that adults are any different! Portable toilet rental is the gift that keeps giving any time you're running an event for a day or multiple days.

1. Anticipate the amount of bathroom traffic you think you will receive

You have to keep traffic flowing when you're renting portable restrooms. For every 100 people you expect to attend the event, you should get one full-service portable restroom. If you're renting a portable toilet that isn't full-service, you'll need to rent several of them. Events that serve beverages, especially alcoholic beverages, and caffeine, should expect for their attendees to have to "go" more frequently. Think about this as well when you are choosing a portable restroom facility.

2. Study the different bathroom facilities available for rent

There are different kinds of restrooms like full-service bathrooms that have lighting, complete plumbing, and trash disposal, and those that just have toilets and hand sanitizer. They also differ based on the elimination process. Composting toilets, urine-diverting, chemical toilets, and incineration toilets are some that you can choose.

3. Plan out the installation and removal to work for your event

Portable restrooms start at $60-$100 a day. Think of the schedule that you need for your event and ask if the portable rental company has units available to you. The daily or weekly portable restroom rental agreement also involves drop-offs and pickups. Plan it out so that these services don't cut into the days of the events.

Keep everything straight in terms of cleanings and rental details. If you are planning a multiple-day event, you have to have cleanings during the event period so that you aren't subjecting your attendees to filthy bathrooms. Garbage removal should also be part of the event so that you're not letting the area get polluted during your event.

There might be permits that you have to get just to be able to rent out toilets and restrooms. Research the ordinances where you live to be for sure.

Portable restrooms help you keep your event clean and your attendees satisfied. This is a detail that you should figure out as early as possible. Reach out to a company that offers a portable restroom rental service.