3 Tips For Maintaining Social Distancing When Your Home Needs Repairs

Do you need to have some repair work done on your home? Are you worried about having workers in and around your living space? While it can be difficult to maintain social distancing when you need a new roof put on your home or you need some other serious repair work completed, it's not impossible to stay safe. If you're worried about service workers potentially bringing some sort of disease into your home, there are a few things that you should consider doing. 

Rent a portable toilet: One of the best ways to limit potential exposure, especially when workers are mainly performing repairs to the exterior of your home, is to get a portable toilet. Portable toilets on a property prevent workers from using the need to relieve themselves as an excuse to either enter your home or else to take off for an unknown period of time. Since you can't stop people from needing to relieve themselves, and it's already been established that you'd rather not let strangers into your home right now, having a separate toilet available is going to be the best way to keep workers on your property and have them continue to work. Look nearby to find portable toilets

Choose companies carefully: When you get estimates for the work that needs to be done, it can be tempting to go with the very cheapest one in an attempt to save money. However, there may be a reason why they are the cheapest option. They may not do the work the way that you wanted or they may not pay their workers enough to be able to keep high-quality employees. Even with things like portable toilets available, the workers may find every excuse they can to not work and to make the project stretch on for longer, or they could rush through things so fast that they make mistakes. Going with a mid-range choice is going to be the best option in most cases.

Avoid DIY approaches: You might be thinking that it'd be easier to just attempt the repair yourself rather than going through the rigmarole of choosing a contractor, renting any portable toilets, etc. As tempting as this might sound at first, it's not a good idea to follow through with this. Home repairs can be dangerous at the best of times. It does no good to avoid contact with contractors and other workers only for you to wind up in the hospital because of a serious injury. Stay safe, hire a qualified professional.