Keeping Your Sewer or Septic Line Clear with Jetting Services

The septic or sewer line for your home may be among the most vital components of the plumbing system. However, this can be part of the plumbing that will be easy to neglect. In particular, some homeowners may not even be aware of some of the more common types of maintenance that this part of the plumbing will require.

What Are the Signs That Your Sewer or Septic Line Could Benefit from a High-Pressure Jetting Service?

Having a high-pressure jetting service flushing these lines can be a vital form of maintenance. Without this work, the sewer or septic line will be able to accumulate large amounts of residues and debris. This will lead to the sewer line having a severe reduction in the amount of water that can flow through it. If your drains and toilets are slower, this can be a primary warning sign that this part of the plumbing is needing to be flushed to remove these substances.

Can You Use Just Chemical Products to Clear the Sewer or Septic Lines Instead?

When the drains for a home start to run slow, the homeowner may attempt to use chemical products to address the issue. These products can be extremely corrosive to the plumbing system, and those that have septic tanks can find that they are strong enough to decimate the bacteria population in the septic tank. High pressure jetting can remove these substances without posing these problems as this option will strictly use the cleaning power of the powerful jet of water that is sprayed through the line. Furthermore, this option is likely to be far more effective as this jet of water will be able to remove all of these substances.

Will the Entire Home's Plumbing Be Unusable During the Jetting Process?

Unfortunately, you will be unable to use the home's plumbing while the sewer or septic line is being cleaned by a high-pressure jetting service. This is because the jetting tool will have to be inserted into the main drain line, which will prevent the plumbing from being able to drain. Luckily, this type of maintenance will not take very long for a professional service to complete. For most homes, this work may only take a couple of hours to complete, but the amount of time will depend on the debris or residue that has collected in this line.

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