3 Huge Reasons Why You Need Regular Septic Tank Service

When was the last time you had your septic tank emptied out? Do you even remember the date of the last emptying? Some people keep careful track of how long it's been since their septic tank was last attended to, while others are laxer in their approach. While it might seem like there's no harm in only casually monitoring the situation, the reality is that there are a number of things that can go wrong if you're not careful. Some of the most important of these things include the following.

Damaged leach field

In order to work properly, the liquid portion of your septic waste needs to be able to leave your septic tank and enter the surrounding soil. The place where it does this is called the leach field. This is located underground so you can't monitor its condition directly. Unfortunately, the leach field can become clogged with septic solids if the tank becomes too full and the solids start to leak out. When this happens, instead of simply calling your local septic pumping company to clean out just your tank, you're most likely going to have to pay to have the entire septic tank moved. This is not an inexpensive option and it would be cheaper to make sure that the septic tank is pumped regularly.

Intruding plant roots

Many companies that offer septic pumping services will also offer an inspection service. This may be included for free with every pumping visit or it may be an additional charge. If it's an additional charge, you may not have previously seen the value in bothering to pay for it. Unfortunately, without these regular inspections, your septic line may become overgrown with plant roots over time. This usually happens when there is a large tree nearby but even small trees or shrubs can still be an issue. By having an inspection performed regularly, you'll be able to head off the situation before it becomes a serious issue.

Cracked tank

Another huge reason to always opt for an inspection by your septic pumping services company is to be able to spot any cracks or other serious damage to the tank itself. Although a septic tank is buried and is protected from the majority of weathering and other issues, it can still wear out over time. Even things like flooding or earthquakes can sometimes cause damage to your septic tank. Without any inspections on a regular basis, you might not know about the damage until the situation was dire.

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