Your Guide to Water Well Installation and Choosing the Right Equipment for the Water Needs of Your Home

If you are ready to install a new water well for your home, there are a lot of things that need to be done before the drilling begins. You will need to find the best location to drill the well and determine the depth the well needs to be. You will also need to choose what type of pump and filtration equipment needs to be installed with the new well. The following guide will help you choose the right location and best solutions for the equipment when drilling a new water well for your home:

1. Finding the Best Location and Depth for Your New Well with Geological Surveying

The first thing that you will want to consider for your home's well is the location where you need to drill. Therefore, it is a good idea to talk with a professional well drilling service about doing a geological survey. The survey will tell you where the groundwater is and how deep the well needs to be drilled.

2. Determining the Best Type of Well Pump to Install to Get Water from The Well to Your Home

There are a couple of types of well pumps that can be installed for your home, which include above-ground jet pumps and submersible pumps. Today, most residential wells have submersible pumps installed because they are more durable and protected from damage due to the weather and environment outside. If you plan on doing a lot of your own well maintenance, you may want to install an above-ground jet pump with a well house because it is easy to access and maintain.

3. Choosing the Right Water Softener and Filtration Solutions to Provide Your Home with Clean Water

There are also many different types of filtration systems that are needed with wells. Most wells will need to have a water softener to deal with hard water that comes from natural mineral deposits. Other water quality issues may require a more complete water purification system to provide your home with clean water.

4. Pressure Tanks and Additional Well Equipment That Need to Be Installed When the Well Is Drilled

Well equipment will also need to be installed inside your home. The main equipment is the pressure tank, which keeps water pressure on pipes and prevents the pump from constantly running. You may also want to have other equipment installed to monitor things like water pressure and flow from your well pump.

These are some of the things that you need to know when you are planning on a new water well installation for your home. If you need help with planning a new well to get water to your home, contact a water well drilling service to start surveying your property and choose the best location to start drilling.