Planning A Septic System Installation? Tips To Help You Avoid Problems

You need a new septic system. If you've never had a new septic system installed, now's the time to prepare. Your new septic system is a major investment, in time and money. Here are some simple tips that will take some of the stress and confusion out of installing a new septic system.

Choose the Right System

If your current septic system has served you well, you know what your needs are already. But, if you've had problems with your system, use this time to make the necessary changes. If you have a large family, your current tanks may not be large enough for your needs. If that's the case, talk to your contractor about larger holding tanks. You don't want to dig a hole every time your septic tanks needs to be emptied. To avoid that, have risers installed with your new system. Risers provide tank access without the digging.

Understand the Costs

If this is your first septic system installation, make sure you understand the costs before you proceed. You may think that there will be a flat fee for the installation of your new septic system. That's not the case. The cost of your installation depends on a variety of factors. Some of those factors include the size of the tank, and location of the installation. Avoid confusion about the cost. Ask for a detailed estimate before installation.

Don't Get Caught Without Permits

If you're new to septic system installation, you may not know about the required permits. If you proceed with the project before you have the right permits, the city may shut down the installation. You may also end up with penalties and fines. Reduce the risk of work stoppage and fines. Talk to your city planner about necessary permits before you schedule the installation.

Plan for Down Time

If you haven't planned for down time, do that right away. You won't be able to use your plumbing during the installation of your new septic system. That includes your toilets and your faucets. Take steps to accommodate those issues. Rent a portable toilet to provide restroom facilities for your family. Also, buy plenty of bottled water for personal hygiene and cooking.

Don't take chances with the installation of your new septic system. The information provided here will help you through the entire process. If you have other questions or concerns, talk to a septic tank installation service right away.