3 Tips To Keep Your Portable Toilet Upright

If there is one thing that portable toilet users fear most, it's probably having the unit tip over while in use. Tip-overs are a real threat if portable toilets are not set up properly. Inexperience and a lack of attention to detail could result in disaster when it comes to renting a portable toilet.

Use these tips to help ensure that your portable restroom units stay upright for the duration of your event.

1. Use Supports

Supports can be a beneficial addition to your portable restrooms, especially if you anticipate high winds during your event. A support can be a building or brick wall against which you put your portable restrooms.

A strong gust of wind won't be able to blow the toilets over if they are backed by a permanent structure for support.

If there aren't any buildings or walls near your event location, you can use a set of stakes to secure each portable restroom unit into the ground. These stakes will help offer the support necessary to keep each unit upright in the face of high winds.

2. Check the Terrain

It's important that you scout around the location of your event to assess the terrain when determining where you will put your portable restrooms. Look for level ground that is nice and dry.

Dry soil will be less likely to shift and settle, which can keep your restrooms from becoming unbalanced and tipping over when a patron steps inside. You will also want to avoid placing your restrooms near any curbs to prevent accidental contact with vehicles that might cause the unit to tip unexpectedly.

3. Secure Restrooms at Night

Vandalism can be a major concern when you are trying to protect your portable toilets from tipping over. If you leave your units unattended at night, you run the risk of having unauthorized individuals sneak into the restrooms.

Vandals can target portable restrooms and tip them over for fun. Place a padlock on the door of each unit to help minimize the risk of vandalism that might lead to a messy tip-over.

The addition of portable restrooms to your outdoor event can be beneficial. Portable units give you an easy way to offer restroom facilities to a large group of people, no matter where your event is being held.

Take precautions to prevent tip-overs so that your portable restrooms remain a valued asset for the duration of your event.

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