3 Events Where Portable Toilets Are Helpful

Portable toilets are helpful in any situation where additional restrooms facilities are needed, and they can be useful to both individuals and businesses in different situations. If you're planning any one of these three events, one or more portable toilets could make taking care of duty at your event much easier for everyone in attendance.

Family Reunion at a Summer Cottage

Family reunions can bring a lot of people together if you have a large family, and not every home is equipped to handle the restroom needs of such a large group. While you might not need a portable toilet if you host a reunion at a public park that has facilities available, you may want to get one or two for a family reunion that's held at a cottage.

There are two specific reasons to consider renting portable toilets if you're hosting a family reunion at a cottage. 

First, many cottages have only one restroom available. This can cause logistical issues if a lot of people need to go at the same time, and a wait could either delay some activities or force people to miss certain parts of the reunion. These issues can become especially bad if anyone at the gathering is experiencing digestive issues that force them to take a while in the bathroom.

Second, remote cottages are usually on a septic system rather than a public sewer system. Septic tanks can only hold so much waste, and a lot of people might overwhelm your cottage's system. The last thing you want to deal with in the midst of a family reunion is a septic issue, and a portable toilet setup will ensure that you don't need to.

Public Events at Your Business's Property

If you own a business that's putting on a public event, expand your restroom facilities with an adequate number of portable toilets. A portable toilet rental company can help you determine what a good number would be for the crowd that you're expecting.

In this situation, having portable toilets available will ensure everyone can go to the bathroom when they need to. It'll also keep attendees from using company restrooms that are normally private.

Wedding at Your Primary Residence

If you're hosting a wedding at your primary residence, rent a few portable toilets for the guests to use. This will guarantee adequate restroom facilities, and it'll let the bride use your home's main restroom for her personal preparations.