4 Septic System Service Tips To Deal With Problems That Can Cause Clogged And Slow Drains In Your Home

When there is a problem with the septic system of your home, it often leads to problems with slow drains in household plumbing. When the problems are severe, it can cause pipes to not drain at all or wastewater to back up into your home. Therefore, there are some septic system services that you want to have done to deal with and prevent these problems. The following septic service tips will help you get the right maintenance done:

1. Pumping and Cleaning the Tank to Ensure It Is Working and There Is No Sign of Problems

The first and most important septic system service that you need to have done is pumping the tank. This is a process of removing the solids from the tank, which prevents it from filling with sludge and causing damage to the drain field. In addition to pumping the tank, it may need to be cleaned due to problems like foreign materials not breaking down. If it has been a while since your tank has been pumped or if there is a problem, contact a septic service to have it cleaned.

2. Installing the Right Distribution Box and Secondary Pump to Improve the Drain Field

Some septic systems lack distribution boxes to distribute wastewater to the drain field equally. If your septic system has problems with distribution, this may be a good solution to have a septic service upgrade the system to prevent problems. In addition, septic pump tanks can also be installed to help with these problems and improve the performance of your system.

3. Inspecting the Drain Field for Problems That Can Lead to Overburdened Septic Tanks

Inspecting the drain field is another important job that a septic service can do for you. They can inspect the lines to ensure they are clear as well as look for damage like collapsed pipes. Catching these minor problems and fixing them in time could save you from costly repairs if the problems with the drain field go unnoticed.

4. Clearing Inlet, Outlet, and Drain Field Pipes of Blockages That Can Cause Serious Damage to Your Septic System

The pipes that go to the tank and to the drain field of your septic system are some of the most vulnerable areas. If solid waste blocks these pipes, it can cause serious problems with the system. The lines of the drain field can also be damaged if they become clogged. Therefore, you may want to have a septic service clean these pipes if there are any problems.

These septic service tips will help you get the right maintenance done to prevent damage to your septic system and household plumbing. If you need help with maintenance, contact a residential septic service to help with this maintenance before you have problems.

To learn more, contact a septic service in your area.