CCTV Sewer Inspection? How It Works And What Homeowners Should Expect To Learn

The use of technology has made positive changes in the way that sewer inspections are done. One of the most significant is the use of closed camera television (CCTV) cameras to provide information about conditions within the sewer pipes without risking injury to workers or creating a need for major excavation work. 

While CCTV sewer inspections have been in use for awhile now, many homeowners are still unfamiliar with the technique and equipment. If you are a homeowner in need of a sewer inspection and interested in learning more about the use of CCTV, this information may be just what you need.

How CCTV sewer inspections are performed

In order to clear clogs or repair damaged sewer pipes, the contractor must first know where the problem is located. In the past, obtaining this information often meant excavating in one or more areas and leaving the homeowner's lawn ravaged and muddy. With CCTV sewer inspections, small waterproof cameras can be easily inserted into the sewer system using existing manholes or other openings without resorting to excavation.

A technician uses a remote control to guide the camera through the pipe, as well as to change camera angle and adjust the focus. The camera feed is recorded so that technicians, the homeowners, and repair contractors can review it to gain a better understanding of the problem and determine the right solution. 

In some situations, such when a clog exists, the camera may be attached to a tool capable of clearing the clog as the camera moves through the pipe. If the damage will require other repairs, the information provided by the camera gives the contractors the details they need to pinpoint the location of the problem and utilize the best tools, techniques, and materials for the job. 

What homeowners should expect to learn

In addition to basic clogs, a CCTV sewer inspection is capable of finding many common sewer problems including: 

  • areas of root infiltration
  • crushed or collapsed pipes
  • the location of lost items, such as jewelry or other valuables that may have been accidentally flushed or sent down a drain

Homeowners who are selling their home can also use a CCTV sewer inspection to provide buyers with information about the home's septic system or determine if a problem exists before listing their home for sale. 

To learn more about CCTV sewer inspections and find out if having one performed would be useful in their situation, homeowners will want to contact a reputable sewer repair contractor like JPW Properties , Inc. who offers this service in their local area.