Have An Exterior Improvement Project? Provide Staff A Toilet And These Things To Be Unbothered

If you are doing minor renovations around the outside of your home, like a roof or siding project, plan for the workers. You can have a couple or several works on and off the property during the time the project is being completed.

You want to your everyday life inside the house to stay as regular as possible. Here are some of the things that you can do to try to make this possible.

Get a Portable Toilet

A portable toilet is ideal for any construction site, even if you only need it for a couple of days. A few reasons to get a portable toilet include:

  • Allow workers to keep working instead of needing to drive to a public restroom
  • Keep workers and potential mess out of your home
  • Don't overload your septic system
  • Have a hand sanitizer option for them to easily use 

Call the portable toilet rental company and ask the staff the following details to estimate your costs:

  • Delivery and pickup fee
  • Cost per day for the toilet
  • Fees to have hand sanitizer and full stocked toilet paper
  • Pumping costs if needed
  • Locking options for at night when the staff isn't working

Talk with more than one portable toilet rental company to see what the average cost is for the services that you need.

Get Window Treatments

If you have open windows or windows without coverings, you will want to prepare to have people working around the exterior of the home. You don't want these people looking in at early hours in the morning. Make sure that all windows in the house can be closed and covered for privacy and to not look at scaffolding or other tools.

Have a Hose and other Amenities Ready

Anything that the staff may need like water should be prepared in advance. If you need a hose extension, get it before the company gets there. If extension cords are necessary, have them already in place ready to be used. This keeps you from being bothered.

If you need to do an exterior improvement project around your home and you want the staff to be able to work quickly and efficiently without bothering you much, these are all things that you can provide and have ready to go. Get estimates and get what you need in advance and ask the contractor if there is anything else that they may need or suggest.