Common Issues That Affect Residential Septic Tanks And Systems

The septic system on your property needs proper maintenance to work correctly, but even with regular care and support, things can go wrong that require a septic system repair service to fix. There are some very common issues that you should watch for if you are using a septic system on your property so that you can catch problems early. 

Leaking Septic Tank

Septic tanks can develop leaks for several reasons, and it doesn't matter what the tank is made from. Cracks in a concrete tank may be the result of a vehicle driving over the tank or freezing weather that puts stress on the concrete. The result is the same: raw sewage leaking into the ground and sometimes finding its way to the surface of your yard or property. 

Leaks are sometimes hard to see if they are small or underground, but if you start to notice an odor near your tank or the ground is very soggy near the septic system, call a septic system repair service right away. A leaking tank can be a health hazard and needs to be taken care of right away. 

In most situations, the septic tank will need excavating to expose the leak, and you may need to replace the entire tank to remedy the problem, You will have to discuss the issue with your contractor to determine just how bad your leak is.

Tree Roots Breaking Pipes

Tree roots breaking through pipes in your septic system is more common than people realize. Tree roots are sensitive to water, and they will seek out water for the tree from any source they can. The water flowing through the pipe in your septic system may be appealing to a tree, and if the roots break through the pipes, they can block the pipe, causing the drains in your home to back up. 

If the roots from a tree break through the pipes, a septic repair service can come and replace the pipes, but the tree roots will need cutting back, and you may want to remove the tree that is causing the problem so that the problem does not reoccur.

If the tree roots are close enough, they can break through the concrete septic tank to get to the water in the system as well. The rule of thumb is to plant trees at least as far away from the septic system as the tree is tall when it is fully mature. If the tree is going to be fifty feet tall, it needs to be at least fifty feet from the tank and pipes in the septic system. 

To learn more about septic tank repair, contact a company like American Septic Service.