Signs You May Need Sewer Pipe Repair Help

Are you noticing some odd things happening in or around your home? Things like foul odors and slow-moving drains could be signs that there is a potential problem with the sewer lines leading up to your house. If you have a septic field, your tank could be the initial culprit. Here are some signs that the drain line leading up to your home may need prompt attention. 

Foundation Issues

Have you been noticing that there are some cracks at the foundation of your home? Maybe this area is settling into the ground? This is a serious problem because wastewater or sewer water is likely leaking somewhere in the ground nearby, triggering your home's foundation to buckle. A cracked or broken drain line may cause waste to leak out and tear away at the supporting soil around your home. This issue needs to be addressed right away. A contractor or sewer repair professional can come out and evaluate the situation. If it's determined that the drain line is bad or the tank is leaking into nearby soil, drain line repair needs to be completed right away. 

Pooling of Water and Waste Near Drain Field

Sinkholes that tear away at grass and soil can also be an indicator of a possible bad drain line. The crack can cause an overflow of water and create a pooling effect that can make the ground very unstable and unsafe. The area where the leak is located can also have a strong odor of sewer gases or other unpleasant smells. Another indicator may be very green grass near where the drain line has broken. This is because the area is being fed a natural fertilizer from the leak of wastewater and sewage, which creates a lush appearance in certain areas. 

Slow or Clogged Drains

First, your toilet takes forever to flush. Then you may notice that sinks and showers takes a long time to drain. It may be backing up or not going down at all. These are red flags that could mean a drain line repair service needs to be called out to take a look. They will check and see if there are any visible leaks where water or sewage is coming through. From there, they may need to take a specialized camera and place it down the main drain line. This will help to pinpoint the leak or breakage so the issue can be quickly fixed. 

A burst sewer pipe or drain line can wreak havoc on your lifestyle. Not being able to run water down the drain, shower, or use your toilet can bring your household to a screeching halt. Call a drain line repair pro today and get things flowing again.